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60 Capsule Coffee Pod

60 Capsule Coffee Pod

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37 X 10 X 13 CM

When you need your morning coffee and want to grab a pod quickly and conveniently, the holder is perfect for your caffeine needs, so that you can seamlessly make your selection and enjoy your sip of the day.

Material- High quality Stainless Steel, durable, strong, food-safe, food-grade, safe, smooth, rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant.
More enjoyable preparation – The coffee pod is the kitchenware product of the highest quality, the pod holder is designed to give delight and satisfaction to coffee makers and coffee lovers alike as they prepare their favorite espresso beverages, the coffee-pod holder is designed to hold up to 60 original-size Nespresso coffee pods, the sections hold 10 capsules each is perfect for everyday usage.
Elegant and compact form – The elegant design looks great next to any Espresso machine, be it at home, in your office, or in a shop, the durable stainless steel construction makes it ideal for everyday use, the vertical storage takes up less room on your countertop, creating a more organized space.
Easy Care- Due to the smooth surface of the stainless steel, it is easy to wash and wipe it dry.

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