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Audecook Electric Pot

Audecook Electric Pot

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‎35 x 26 x 8.5 cm
ELECTRIC MULTI COOKER – Audecook non stick frying pan with lid features dual power (200W/1500W), allowing you to cook a variety of different foods! You can use this multi-cooker as a saute pan/wok/frying pan/skillet for steak, veggies, paella, pasta, fondue and all kinds of different food. It is a must-have electric multi cooker in your kitchen, whether for one person or a large group.
HEALTHY CERAMIC NONSTICK - The surface of Audecook electric frying pan with lid is made of ceramic non-stick coating, PFOA free. This allows the ceramic frying pan to cook with less oil, food does not stick and slides off the surface easily for optimal cooking results. Also, cleaning will be an easy task for you, you only need to wipe the electric pan with a rag or rinse off the stains with water (be careful not to wet the bottom or the power cord connector), which is really convenient and fast.
VERTICAL TEMPERED GLASS LID-The tempered glass lid of the Audecook electric multi cooker is heat-resistant and explosion-proof. You can check and control the status of your non stick frying pan at any time, and retain the heat and flavor of your food during the cooking process, so your food comes out perfectly every time. At the same time, the vertical design can stand the glass cover on the desktop, saving more space for your desktop!

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