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Bamboo Storage Cabinet

Bamboo Storage Cabinet

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65 X 33 X 87 CM

The bathroom cabinet offers enough storage space, which allows the space to be used more efficiently and items to be stored more conveniently, thereby avoiding clutter. Dimensions of single cabinet: L 34 cm, W 33 cm, H 87 cm. Size of the double cabinet: L 65.5 cm, W 33 cm, H 87 cm. Combined dimensions are: L 99.5 cm, W 33 cm, H 87 cm.
The open shelf design improves air circulation, while the slat design not only prevents odors but also ensures the privacy of the closet.
This shelf is a real all-rounder and offers a wide range of possible uses. Whether as a storage place for towels and toiletries in the bathroom, as a locker for personal items in the bedroom or as a shelf for books and shoes - the possible uses are almost endless. With its versatile functionality and attractive design, this shelf is a great addition to any apartment or home, offering an elegant and efficient solution for storing items in different rooms.
This combination cabinet is extremely flexible and can be used both as a unit in combination mode or as separate units in split mode depending on your needs. Thanks to this versatility, it can be perfectly integrated into any room and offers an optimal solution for the individual requirements and needs of each user.
With a load capacity of up to 30 pounds per level, this combination cabinet provides a sturdy and reliable storage solution for a variety of items. With this certainty, you can store your items in the combination cupboard with peace of mind and always have an orderly and clear space.

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