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Bubble Machine Gun

Bubble Machine Gun

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4.5 x 9.55 x 10.4 inches
1. Traditional bubble machine holes, smooth bubbles, low power, sticky bubbles, and more uniform shape. This rocket launcher shaped bubble maker has 60 holes.
2. There are 60 foaming holes at the same time, the bubbles are clear and non-stick. Using ABS material, reinforced shell, anti-drop and impact resistance, durable.
3, easy to carry, handle position can be adjusted at will. Hold it in one hand. Strap Design: The strap is designed to prevent the bubble machine from being lost.
4. The lithium battery has a long service life, is rechargeable, environmentally friendly and durable. EASY TO CLEAN: One tray, easy to clean, no sticky hands. Beautiful DIY Stickers: Comes with beautiful DIY stickers, you can design your own bubble maker.
5. One tray, easy to clean and not sticky to hands. You can design your own bubble maker. The shape and streamlined design of the rocket launcher make it more fun for kids to play.

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