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create Electric floor or wall towel rail

create Electric floor or wall towel rail

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2 in 1
It prevents humidity, keeping you towels warm and dry each time you get out of the shower. It also emits heat, meaning that it can serve as a heater too.

Timer with settings up to 8 hours
You can use it continuously as a heater or choose the option to dry and heat towels with a timer for up to 8 hours.

LCD display
It is controlled digitally and the temperature can be checked on its LCD screen.

Energy-saving, efficient comfort
Its sensors optimise the thermostat functions, helping you to save energy.

Easy to install
You can choose whether to hang it on the wall or add legs so that it can stand on the floor.

Add an extra shelf
This accessory adds extra capacity and functionality to the towel rail. This way you’ll be able to hang more towels and even fold them into a pile.

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