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create Glass convection heater with Wifi

create Glass convection heater with Wifi

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WiFi connectivity and App
You just need to connect the convection heater to the Create app to program it at any time from anywhere. The same can be done from its intuitive display panel.

Convection heating system
With a modern design in high-strength tempered glass, this convection heater will heat your home quickly, quietly and efficiently, with no gases or smoke.

Low consumption
It is fitted with a thermostat with two heating strengths and a timer for up to 24 hours. Its sensors also precisely optimise the thermostat for increased energy saving.

Can be mounted on the wall or free standing
You can either hang it on the wall or stand it on the floor thanks to its legs. You can also choose whether to add wheels or not.

LED touchscreen
It has a simple interface that will let you intuitively program and control the heater. Includes an ambient temperature sensor (5°C-50°C).

Reliable and safe
There are two sensors to prevent overheating, a freeze-proof thermostat and an anti-condensation system. It also has an IP24 protection rating.

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