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create rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

create rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

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Powerful with 400W DC cyclone motor: 3 speeds and 3 functions achieve a vacuum performance of 25kPa.
Includes several accessories: a flexible hose for comfortable and ergonomic vacuuming under furniture, a special upholstery brush, another for furniture that does not damage or scratch surfaces, a brush for vacuuming and cleaning your pets' hair, an accessory special for cleaning corners and crevices, a special brush for the car, a hard brush and a soft brush.
Autonomy: The 8-cell 2000 mAh battery lasts 45 minutes and displays the remaining charge. No cables or suction bags required.
Efficient: Vacuum all types of surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, even the most stubborn dirt. Silent even at full power.
It is controlled with just one hand and allows various suction options: hand vacuum, broom mode and vertical suction. With LED lighting for cleaning dark corners (under the bed).

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