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Hoover Brush Wash Carpet and Hardfloor Washer

Hoover Brush Wash Carpet and Hardfloor Washer

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‎1350 watts

Hoover brush ‘N’ wash carpet washer is ideal for use on carpets but is also great for cleaning sealed hard floors. The heated cleaning feature ensures that both carpets and hard floors will be left dry in no time at all.
Our spin scrub brushes rotate alongside each other scrubbing deep into the fibres of your carpet pile, removing dirt, debris and stains for a deeper more consistent clean.
Heated cleaning ensures that hot air is blown onto the carpet assisting in drying your carpets in the fastest time possible.
Brush 'n' wash carpet cleaner not only cleans your carpets but also your hard floors, removing deep down embedded dirt for a total home clean. This is perfect for busy family homes, tackling high traffic areas with ease. The hard floor kit lets you safely wash your hard floors, to ensure spotlessly clean results.
This multi-Purpose product also uses detergent to refresh and renew your carpets and rugs, with a clean surge control to tackle heavy traffic areas.

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