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Insectaway Electric Insect Killer

Insectaway Electric Insect Killer

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20W 2400V
‎39 x 32 x 9 cm

Efficient killing mosquitoes: with two high-quality 10 W UV lamps that attract all types of harmful insects (mosquitoes, flies, bugs, moths), they become more electric thanks to the 2400 V high voltage metal grid around the lamp insect killer. The double-sided design of the mosquito killer lamp can attract and kill more mosquitoes and flies. 2 replacement light tubes are included, so you can replace the original tube if broken without having to buy a new device again.
Safe and environmentally friendly: the UV insect killer contains no chemical substances / odours, children, pregnant women and pets can use it normally. UVA lamps are harmless to our eyes without dazzling or flickering. The high density grid prevents children and people from touching the interior. The flame retardant material shell can prevent fire accidents caused by flies.
50 m² coverage: the effective area covers 50 square metres around the UV mosquito killer. Perfect mosquito killer for living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, office, supermarket, laundry, garage, storage room, restaurant, hospital, etc. It can also be used outdoors, please keep the device away from water or rain.
Easy to use and clean: the fly trap electric light has a hanging metal chain that can be placed or hung on any flat surface. The easy to remove mosquito collection tray and the equipped cleaning brush make it easier to clean the mosquito fragments on the collection tray. Regular cleaning of the collection container can attract more mosquitoes and treat mosquito problems in your home more efficiently.

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