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kochwerk Electric Meat Grinder

kochwerk Electric Meat Grinder

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1600 w
Power: to be able to fill a pleasant working speed, this meat grinder has a power of 1600 W and is therefore powerful enough to process up to 2000 g/min.
Comfort: With the change direction function, you can choose between forward and reverse gear. If something stays plugged in, just press the button briefly and you can continue to stop it.
4 in 1: here you have an electric meat grinder, an electric pastry press for pastries, a sausage filling machine and a kibbeh maker in one food processor
Stand: For a secure hold and thus the safe work of the food processor, rubber feet have been used. Here you can focus entirely on the procedure.
Accessories: 1 accessory drawer, 1 storage bowl, 1 pusher, 1 sausage nozzle, 1 pastry tip, 1 kebbe insert, 1 cutting blade, 3 perforated discs, 1 meat grinder tip, 1 baking pan rail

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