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MAXXMEE Digital Hot Air Oven

MAXXMEE Digital Hot Air Oven

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Cakes, casseroles, grill chicken - you can now prepare this and much more in a small space
The Maxxmee digital hot air oven offers the performance of conventional ovens with hot air function, top and bottom heat as well as air circulation - but is significantly more compact 10 preset recipe programs, a practical 120-minute timer function and the temperature (27-230 °C) can be intuitively and easily adjusted via the touch display and the controller.

Up to 18 litres fit in the Maxxmee digital hot air oven - with additional frying basket, rotisserie spit, grill and baking tray, everything is possible from delicious pizza to juicy grill chicken. Simply fry, dehydrate, bake, grill, keep warm and

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