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Shower Head Eco Power

Shower Head Eco Power

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【Shower Head Filter】 Our filtration shower head is equipped with a mineral ball to remove chlorine and flouride , toxins, heavy metals, rust and odor from the shower water, enhance water purification, and maintain the pH balance of the water. Provides smoother skin, reduces oil secretion, increases cell viability.
【3 Position Showerhead】This powerful shower head comprises of three different modes of water fall: Rainfall, Jetting, Massage. The mode is selected with easy rocker switch. Each mode is made to enhance your shower experience,get you SPA shower experience in your bathroom.
【IONIC SHOWER HEADS TO INCREASE PRESSURE】-This hand-held shower uses a new micro-nozzle technology to make the water outlet smaller and denser, increasing the water flow speed, thereby increasing the water pressure. At the same time save water up to 50%
IONIC SHOWER HEAD WITH STOP BUTTON】- We have added a water stop button to the shower, you can turn off the water supply at any time; the central part of the shower head can be removed, easy to clean and install, without any tool kit

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