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Solac Irrigador dental Aqua Smile

Solac Irrigador dental Aqua Smile

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27 X 8.5 CM
Aqua Smile cleans your teeth better: clean, white smile and fresh breath all day. The Aqua Smile Oral Irrigator helps you maintain your smile every day. Hygienise your teeth and gums with a pressure water jet in 3 modes: normal, for a thorough cleaning; soft, for sensitive teeth and massage, with a disconstant jet, promotes blood circulation and strengthens the gums. The use of Aqua Smile is particularly suitable for people who use brackets, as well as for people who have gum problems (periodontis) or implantation people. The powerful water jet helps you clean the parts of your mouth that you cannot reach with the brush, remove tartar and avoid tooth decay between the teeth to achieve a clean smile and remove stains caused by the accumulation of Aqua Smile Plaque is the perfect oral irrigator to remove bad breath from food residue and tartar. Use it all over the mouth and pay attention to the teeth and gums, but don't forget the tongue and palate. Your fresh breath all day long.

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