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Solac Steam Iron

Solac Steam Iron

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VERTICAL STEAM IRON: you can iron your clothes directly on the hanger, especially for delicate clothes, eliminate wrinkles that form in the closet. You will have your perfect clothes in no time. You can also iron stubborn wrinkles horizontally
LARGE CAPACITY TANK: includes a 260 c.c. that will provide you with greater ironing autonomy. You can iron for a while without having to refill the tank
ANTI-DRIP SYSTEM: the Niagara vertical brush's anti-drip system prevents water droplets from escaping through the ironing element and wetting your clothes. You will get very good results by keeping your clothes dry and clean.
ANTI-CALC SYSTEM: prevents the accumulation of limescale inside the product, ensuring optimal operation for longer and very good results on any type of fabric
BRUSH THICK FABRICS AND UPHOLSTERY: the steam helps remove hair and lint from clothing. Niagara includes a specific brush to remove lint from thick fabrics such as jackets and coats.

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