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VITALmaxx Easy Clean Ear Cleaner

VITALmaxx Easy Clean Ear Cleaner

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18 x 14 x 4 cm
Thorough ear cleaning - For thorough cleaning of the ear from ear wax and dirt, the Easy-Clean ear cleaner from Vitalmaxx offers a hygienic solution with pleasant silicone attachments.
Electric ear cleaner - Avoid throwing away disposable cotton buds from now on. The electric earwax remover is reusable and easy to clean.
Comfortable attachments - The soft and flexible silicone attachments are ideal for the whole family due to the different sizes and hardnesses. The attachments for the ear cleaner can be easily rinsed under running water for proper hygiene.
For home and travel - Due to the handy, easy and wireless application, the Easy-Clean ear cleaner is the perfect companion for clean ears. Whether travelling or in everyday life in your handbag.
With LED lighting - With the indicator ring and bright LED lighting, no dirt in the ear remains undetected.

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