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Water-Saving Basin Shower Head

Water-Saving Basin Shower Head

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20 × 15 × 1cm
The pressure-boosting shower head and hose offer your body complete and even coverage, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious showering.

With the rhythmic water pulse spray on the whole body, get the blood flowing and enjoy pulse massage feeling.

Showerheads for the bathroom applies not only to adult but also to bathing baby or washing pets, etc.

Sturdy and durable, no toxic and lead to keep you and your family healthy.

Universal fit, no tools required for installation.

Multi-angle stretching]It is practical to stretch as you want, the length can be stretched 3M.

Multi-layer electroplating, thick and durable, shampoo switch valve, smooth outside, more corrosion resistant.

Pressurized three-speed water outlet, a shower, to meet all your needs. There are pulse mode, rain mode, and mixed mode.

A Mini-filtering shower can quickly remove the residual chlorine in tap water.

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