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2 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool

2 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool

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50 x 59.5 x 44 cm

WHAT MATTERS MOST FOR A LADDER? Stability, of course! The 2-step folding ladder is made of reliable steel and has a load capacity of 150 kg. When you change a bulb on this ladder, you can focus on the bulb in your hand while trusting the ladder under your feet
COMFORTABLE HANDLE FOR TRANSPORT: This 3.5 x 50 x 55.5 cm folded ladder weighs only 3.5 kg and is easy to carry with the handle. When not in use, place it in a corner of the garage or between the tool holder and wall, minimizing the space it takes
SAFE AND ANTI-SLIP: Equipped with a locking device, this ladder locks automatically when fully opened to avoid accidents; the 20 cm wide steps are covered with textured rubber pads, and the 4 legs are equipped with non-slip feet. Safety lies in details
FIT FOR DIFFERENT TASKS: Fetch books from the top shelf, hang curtains, put up wallpaper, or reach hanging flowers—everything would be difficult without a ladder. This SONGMICS steel folding ladder offers you a reliable choice
WHAT YOU GET: A lightweight and compact 2-step folding ladder with carrying handle, suitable for different household chores to reliably reach high places

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