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AICOK Steam Iron for Clothes

AICOK Steam Iron for Clothes

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👕Quick Iron
With its 1500 watt power, the flat iron is the most powerful flat iron on the market! It can produce a jet of about half a meter of powerful steam, goes through clothing quickly, softening the inner layers, removes stubborn creases and at the same time kills up to 99.9% of bacteria.

👔15S Preheat
With Fast-Heat technology. Preheating takes only 15 seconds, while other irons need about 30S ~ 60S; The fast heating and the large capacity water tank is capable of producing up to 14 minutes of continuous steam, removing all creases at once, minimizing or no water loss, thus saving a lot of precious time.

🧥Perfect for Travel
With a lightweight and compact design, this steam iron is ideal for use while traveling. Easily fits into your suitcase or backpack, it can be easily carried wherever you want. Do not use old irons that are now outdated and inefficient, without needing the board, it ensures that your clothes are beautiful and smooth at any time

Not only is it a manual iron suitable for the perfect ironing of clothes hanging on a hanger (vertically) without using an ironing board, but it is also an iron suitable for horizontal ironing. The steam it produces speeds up ironing without damaging the clothes, allowing you to have a perfect ironing compared to the traditional iron. The regulation (high and low) of the steam makes it suitable for any type of fabric.

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