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Bamboo Bathroom Stool

Bamboo Bathroom Stool

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60 x 46 x 30 cm

Still, standing for a long time during your shower time? The bamboo shower bench stool seat can help you to sit comfortably during your shower time to enjoy your full relaxation, and people cannot take full relaxation while a shower because they need to stand for a long time. Try to imagine seating on a bamboo bath seat to relax your legs and take your time to enjoy the shower water touching your shoulder and body to wash away the pressures and tiredness of your day. In addition, you can put your foot on the bathroom shower bench to help you shave your legs in the shower room, or you can let your children seating on a bamboo bath bench to help you to wash their bodies more safely. The bench shower will provide the best solution to help you fully relax during your shower time, and it also can be a great gift for a housewarming or family member. Please add this bamboo shower bench to your cart to enjoy it right now. Please place the wooden shower bench for the dry place after each use and periodically wipe the product with a dry towel for maintenance. Please do not directly expose the spa shower bench to the sun for a long time.

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