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Bamboo Laptop Foldable Table

Bamboo Laptop Foldable Table

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35 x 55 x 21 cm
ROBUST: The coffee table is made entirely of natural bamboo, solid while not bulky, the structure simple, very durable and well finished
FOLDING AND ADJUSTABLE: The folding table, the feet are adjustable in height (foot extension about 10cm), easy to decide the exact height and there will be plenty of room for legs
LARGE SURFACE: Total surface size: 55 x 35 cm, provides enough space for work. And on the reclining table (dimensions 36.5 x 35 cm, tilt adjustable in 4 different positions) there is room for a 15-inch notebook and on the next floor you could use a mouse
USEFUL DESIGN: There is space for the external mouse, a side drawer, and the small glass compartment for a drink while you are using the PC. Also the beautiful design of the engravings on the base allow the computer a perfect ventilation
PRACTICAL: Useful and practical coffee table for those who love to read, study, work comfortably on the bed or on the sofa! Suitable for both the notebook, but also for a pleasant breakfast in bed

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