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Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet

Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet

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98 x 41 x 18 cm
【Adequate storage space】Multi layered drawers and top flip-open cover design allow you to organize different items.Each drawer can be classified to store different bathroom items,such as towels and tall bottles of shampoo.The top features a large flip design for easy access to items,and there is a tissue opening on the side.The compact footprint makes it an excellent storage cabinet
【Compact design】A small bathroom storage cabinet with a width of 7 inches and a very narrow but high cabinet,suitable for your small bathroom while fully utilizing vertical space.The compact design makes it an ideal storage solution for many occasions,such as bathrooms,kitchens,living rooms,bedrooms,laundry rooms,corridors,and even entrances
【High quality material】Side storage organizer cabinet is made of high-quality PP,with a sturdy structure and high load-bearing capacity.Compared with wooden bathroom cabinets,there is no need to worry about moisture,water and dust,making it more suitable for bathroom use
【Careful Design】The freestanding bathroom floor cabinet has a round handle on each drawer layer,making it easy to pull out each drawer.The feet are equipped with 4 silent pulleys for easy push back and pull out,making it easy to roll anywhere in the home for additional workspace
【No installation required】Ready to use out of the box,no installation required,making your use more convenient and efficient

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