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create Convection Electric Fan Heater

create Convection Electric Fan Heater

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2000 w

Efficient heating
An air convection heater, ideal for heating and acclimating any room in which you place it in a very short time.

Smart consumption
Thanks to its thermostat, it heats with low-consumption energy efficiency, since, when it reaches the desired temperature, it reduces its consumption to the minimum.

Versatile and practical
Four operating modes: two for hot air and two for the fan function. Ideal for creating the atmosphere you need at any time of year.

Silent and effective
Efficiently heats rooms of up to 20m². It is very silent and you will only feel the agreeable warmth spread by its convection fan.

Safe heating
It has two safety systems: one in case it tips over and the other in case of overheating. It is very lightweight and easy to move around, so you can easily take it to wherever you want.

The warmth of home
With a classic, sober and elegant design, it will fit perfectly into any room, while keeping your home warm and welcoming.

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