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create Smart Kitchen Robot with Steam Basket

create Smart Kitchen Robot with Steam Basket

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600W / 1000W

Interactive food processor.
With a 5-inch colour touchscreen and WiFi connection to keep it updated. Connect your Chefbot Touch to the WiFi network and get regular updates for its more than 140 pre-installed recipes.

24 automatic programs, 12 speeds + turbo.
It whips, mounts, emulsifies, mixes, stirs, confits, cooks with degree-by-degree precision, kneads, boils, keeps warm, ferments, blanches, cooks in a bain-marie, at low temperature, simmers, steams, crushes, chops, grinds, grates, peels, slices and pulverises.

All your cooking utensils in one. It saves space and time.o
It is equivalent to a cooking pot, frying pan, thermos, kitchen scale, blender, steamer, mincer, pastry blender, rice cooker, kneader, grater, coffee grinder and yoghurt maker. Easy to use and intuitive, you can do everything from simple tasks to preparing a whole recipe from scratch. It can crush ice and cook at a range of temperatures from 37 to 120º, for up to 90 mins at a time.

Built-in kitchen scale function
Precisely weighs the ingredients you need to incorporate into your dishes and recipes.

Compact design, lightweight and easy to clean.
All its non-electrical accessories are dishwasher-friendly. The stainless steel bowl must always be washed by hand, while trying to avoid water coming into contact with the bottom part where the connectors are located.

Includes multiple accessories
Ice-crushing blades
Mixing spatula
Hand spatula
Separating basket
Measuring glass
Whisk attachment
Reversible cutting disk
Food processor lid
Food pusher
2-level steamer

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