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CREATE Water Nebulizer Fan

CREATE Water Nebulizer Fan

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43 x 40 x 118 cm
🌬️ | VERSATILE AND REFRESHING | Combine the fan with the humidifier, which you can use together or separately. The combined use is particularly suitable in dry climates, as the humidity generated contributes significantly to the cooling of the room. The nebulizer works with ultrasonic vibrations that produce cold water vapor with molecules from 1 to 5 microns. So, it creates cool and ventilated rooms by controlling windy and humid conditions in 2 modes
😴​ | SLEEP MODE | Sleep mode mimics a floating breeze that alternates every 10 seconds or so, with the last manual mode set at a very low fan speed.
​🍃 | THE NATURAL MODE | Natural mode recreates the natural wind and humidity conditions of an open space by alternating between a strong and gentle airflow.
​🏍️ | THREE SPEEDS | Its three speeds also reproduce different wind currents by alternating between the selected ventilation speed and the stops. It has a 3.4-liter tank.
⏲️ | PROGRAMMABLE AND TRANSPORTABLE | It has a control panel and a remote control that can be used to control all parameters, including 80° lateral oscillation, fog or timer from 1h to 7.5h. It has multi-directional wheels for easy transport and a complete safety system consisting of a safety grille, semi-soft plastic blades and a sturdy anti-tilt base.

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