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Flat Squeeze Mop

Flat Squeeze Mop

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‎41.4 x 35.81 x 24.38 cm

Mop + bucket +2 pieces of cloth:Lazy man's mop, no washing by hand.Easy to operate, easy to work, not dirty hands.
Flexible rotation, clean dead ends, deep cleaning, no need to move furniture,Clean and scrape water vertically without removing the mop, saving time and effort
The lower cover of the barrel is divided into a cleaning tank, which only needs to be filled with water on this side when used,The higher part of the barrel cover is the scraping tank, and the degree of dry and wet can be controlled freely.
Fast diversion of sewage splash:The scraped water returns to clean the bucket, saving water while not easy to splash
It can be wet and dry , the mop sticks to the ground, cleaning is similar to hand rub,Quick rebound, easy to operate, lower the drag bar when cleaning, the floor automatically rebound.

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