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Homecho Bamboo Cutting Board

Homecho Bamboo Cutting Board

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44 x 8 x 31 cm

The storage cutting board is made of 100% organic bamboo material, pure pet material trays, free of harmful chemicals, safe, and hygienic. When you want to prepare dinner for your family can easily organize food and keep your countertop away from a mess. So this chopping board is essential for your kitchen and the cutting board with containers also can be a great gift for a housewarming or family member.
Constructed of high-quality and eco-friendly bamboo, the cutting board is sturdy and durable to support most food-cutting demands. Built with 4 trays made of PET material, easy to clean and last for long-term use.
The unique prep cutting board will definitely bring you different user experiences. The fence on the rear side allows enough air circulation to avoid mildew, four anti-slip silicone pads are created on the bottom to prevent the bamboo storage cutting board from sliding and sticking on the table surface with ponding water.
Plenty of space for watermelon, onions, garlic, peppers, veggies, etc. The happy house cutting board container comes with 4 feet base on the bottom to prevent the tray from being adsorbed on the cupboard platform with water.
The carving board is built to cut meat, chop fruits, and veggies, prep dishes, and store. You can directly slide the food ingredients into the large trays without taking extra plates out and enjoy a mess-free countertop, which makes the food prep much easier and faster. In addition, it is convenient to carry out a picnic, barbecues, outdoor meetings, and other gatherings.
Whenever and wherever, this artfully designed kitchen cutting board with containers will be a great gift for your family, friends, and colleagues for housewarmings, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, etc

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