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Insectaway Electric Insect Killer

Insectaway Electric Insect Killer

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18w 4200v
36 x 20 x 20 cm

Insectaway a new generation of electric insect killer, XL size 36.5 x 20.3 cm, the effective area of the electric insecticide can reach 90 m², 50% larger than conventional mosquito lamp. The effect is 2-4 times higher. 4200V highly efficient electric insect killer with bionic technology, it is easier to catch mosquitoes and kill insects.
IPX4 waterproof and intelligent light control sensor: the unique design on the top is waterproof, meets the waterproof IPX4 standard and can be used outdoors in light rain. The mosquito trap is also equipped with an intelligent light control sensor and saves energy. The electric insect killer turns on automatically at night or in the dark and automatically turns off during the day. Enjoy your summer without mosquitoes and fly insects
Durable FSL tube 18 W and replacement light included: the insect killer with 18 W high-intensity UV lamp to release a specific wavelength of 365 nm simulates to attract mosquitoes, mosquitoes, flies, moths and other flying insects. The UV light tube can last up to 3000 hours. The electric fly trap contains a replacement light worth 10 EUR. The removable grid design makes it easy to replace the light tube if necessary.
Safe, environmentally friendly and easy to clean: the insect killer internal grid is reliably enclosed with a plastic housing. An electric shock only occurs when the mosquitoes touch the lamp. The plastic housing prevents accidental touch. No chemicals, harmless to the human body. The mosquito killer must be unplugged before cleaning, the base can be pulled out and washed with clean water.
Unique design and versatile use: the diamond-shaped design of the electric fly trap makes the lamp look like a work of art. The insect killer is suitable for many situations, such as office, living room, courtyard, bedroom, kitchen, balcony and much more. Tip for killing flies: buy suitable insect attractants separately and place them in the net to attract moths and mosquitoes more effectively.

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