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kaercher Steam Mop

kaercher Steam Mop

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31 x 16 x 118 cm
1600 W
Deep cleaning with the KST 2 Upright EasyFix eliminates up to 99.999% of coronaviruses* and 99.99% of common household bacteria** on all hard surfaces in a home, without any chemicals. The steam broom heats up in no time and, thanks to its permanently removable and refillable water tank, and including a descaling cartridge, it is ready for use quickly and very easy to use. The LED indicator on the handle provides direct feedback on the operating status through different color codes. Combined with our high-quality microfiber cups, the EasyFix floor nozzle with hook-and-loop ensures a more thorough cleaning result than conventional methods, such as the use of a fringed broom, and allows you to change the windscreen effortlessly and without coming into contact with dirt.

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