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Mosquito Killer

Mosquito Killer

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‎38 x 8,5 x 24 cm

【Effective and Safe】The Fly Killer is equipped with 20W high intensity UV light, which can emit 365nm wavelength to effectively attract mosquitoes and other harmful flying insects, then kill them instantly with high voltage of 2800 V. It contains no chemicals and is safe for babies and pets. Physical method to kill mosquitoes, flies, moths and other flying insects.
【Three Sides Grille with Elaborate Design】Powerful Three Sides Grille with 2800V high voltage. The dense net leak-proof device ensures that caught flying insects cannot escape, which doubles the efficiency. The fully enclosed protective grille is designed to protect you from electric shock. Effectively covers an area of ​​about 100 sqm.FSL lamp has energy-saving design, low power, lifespan up to 4800 hours.
【Durable and easy to maintain】: Indoor mosquito killer lamp with strong and durable ABS material housing, high quality UVA lamp, 4800 hours lifespan, CE/ROHS certification, buy with confidence. Dead insects are collected at the bottom in a removable tray, which can be easily removed for quick cleaning, unplug it before cleaning. Equipped with a chain, you can hang it on the wall or put it on the table to use.
【Perfect for Outdoors and Indoors】AETKFO Fly Killer can trap and kill mosquitoes, fruit flies, wasps, beetles, moths, Aedes, gnats, fleas, aphids, suitable for home, yard, patio, lawn, garden, pool, garage, patio, camping, pergola, keep you and your family away from those pesky insects and mosquitoes. Please do not be exposed to rain when used outdoors.

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