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Motion Sensor Wall Light

Motion Sensor Wall Light

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[Goodbye Bulbs] Whether you are looking for a wall lamp or simple reading light, our Portable Wall Light is perfect for every room within your home. With our built-in magnetic handle, this night light is ready to light up your hallway, living room, stairway, or bathroom.
[Two Modes: Motion Sensor or Always On] The Portable Wall Light holds smart lighting technology and will automatically turn on after detecting motion within 4 meters in the dark. After 15 seconds if no movement is detected, the light will shut off. However, it includes a constant feature as well. This is perfect for lighting up your home, especially during power outages.
[Create A Relaxing Atmosphere] No more boring plug in night lights. Portable Wall Light provides a warm and soft light that is suitable for a goodnight sleep.
[Easy Installation] No hard wiring or drilling required. Simply stick to any smooth surface and mount using the magnetic handle.
[No More Batteries, Fully Rechargeable] With a built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery, you can count on Portable Wall Light to last up to 3-5 months on motion sensor mode or up to 8 hours on constant light mode.

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