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Portable Mini Washing Machine

Portable Mini Washing Machine

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Washing time only 15 minutes (Easy, Quick, Perfect & hygienic Wash)
Following are the features of this machine: portable (Light Weight) enabled with thermostat to save your motor from overheating. small size - single tub washing machine with 3 kg capacity having dryer basket / low electricity consumption and low water requirements
Also, useful for baby's cloth you can also use this washing machine as a separate washing machine for your baby's cloths. You can wash 8-10 baby's cloths in this machine
Wash Capacity - 3Kg # Spin Basket Capacity 1.5 Kg - (Spinning Efficiency - 60-70% water will be drained) # Can Wash 6-7 cloths at a time (Adult's cloths) # Suitable for washing Jeans, T-Shirts, Towels, Sarees, Curtains, Bed-sheets etc.
This can help you to maintain hygiene for the baby's cloths. This will also save the time as it takes only 15 minutes for this machine to wash the cloths and 5-6 minutes to spin the cloths. With attractive design, small size, portability - this can be the perfect gadget in your little one's bed room / bath room

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