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ProfiCare 2IN1 Mite Vacuum Cleaner

ProfiCare 2IN1 Mite Vacuum Cleaner

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‎2.79 x 24.64 x 16.51 cm
‎300 w

Vibration function (switchable)
UV disinfection lamp (switchable)
Vacuum mode
Ideal for vacuuming and disinfecting mattresses, comforters, pillows and more...
Reliably removes dust mites and dust from surfaces in three steps:
- Vibration function to remove impurities in the fibers
- UV disinfection lamp for surface sterilization - without chemical additives
- Vacuum mode for effective removal of dust mites, bed bugs, pet hair, pollen
With Auto-Off function: the UV light only turns on when it comes into contact with surfaces
Vibration mode and UV disinfection lamp can be switched on
Easy handling due to soft rolling rollers
Incl. washable HEPA filter - filters even tiny dust particles
Removable dust pan for easy cleaning
4 m cable allows for a wide operating range

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