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REVLON Travel Size Manicure Kit

REVLON Travel Size Manicure Kit

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Take care of your nails and get flawless manicure and pedicure with the Revlon Travel Chic Manicure Pedicure Set . This compact and portable set includes 12 high-quality attachments to help you achieve beautiful and healthy nails. The set includes

Emery file attachment to shape and smooth your nails
Small filing cone attachment to remove dead skin around nails and soften calluses
Large filing cone attachment to file and shape thicker nails or to remove calluses on feet
Cuticle lifter attachment for gentle lifting and pushing back of cuticles
Cuticle trimmer attachment for precise trimming of the cuticles
Buffer attachment for polishing and shining your nails
Small and large polishing cones for smoothing and buffing the nails surface
Foot cone attachment for smoothing rough skin on feet
Rotating disc attachment for smoothing and polishing the nails and cuticles
Cleaning brush attachment to clean the attachments and the unit itself

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