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VITALmaxx Massage Gun

VITALmaxx Massage Gun

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15 x 14 x 5,5 cm
VITALmaxx Mini Massage Gun "Power Plus", 4 attachments
The VITALmaxx Mini Massage Gun Power Plus is as big as a smartphone, but is in no way inferior to the large massage guns. With 6 power levels and up to 3200 beats per minute, it delivers a powerful massage in a class of its own. The integrated sensor also activates the power boost when the pressure increases slightly, which further increases the number of strokes per minute and intensifies the massage experience. The blood circulation is powerfully stimulated. With the 4 different attachments you can cover various muscle groups in your body - whether for warming up before sport or for an intensive trigger point massage. The VITALmaxx Mini Massage Gun Power Plus is light and, thanks to the enclosed transport bag, ideal for taking with you. For your intensive massage experience in a compact format.

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