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WENKO Multi-STOP Door Window Stopper

WENKO Multi-STOP Door Window Stopper

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11.8 x 7.7 x 2.5 cm

The WENKO Multi-STOP®  is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to keep the door or window open. Whether it's keeping the door open to carry your weekend groceries inside, cleaning hallways and windows, or simply ventilating your own four walls. The Multi-STOP® can be used in a variety of ways. And it reliably blocks windows and doors, without slipping. The robust plastic material of the Multi-STOP® protects doors and windows from damage when you immobilize them. Thanks to its well-thought-out dimensions, the Multi-STOP® can also be used for doors with a high thickness. The door wedge handle prevents injuries to the fingers when you slide the Multi-STOP® wedge under or off the door, and at the same time gives it good visibility to prevent you from tripping. Placed between the handle and the wall, the wedge serves as a bumper and protects against fingers getting stuck in the door frame or drawer. Its studied and flexible shape adapts to different door openings and window openings. Whether used as a wedge or a doorstop - the WENKO Multi-STOP® does its job easily and reliably with maximum safety. The expert jury of the Plus X Award has awarded the WENKO Multi-STOP® with the "Best Product of the Year 2015/2016" seal of quality! This outstanding distinction was awarded to the Multi-STOP® in two categories, design and functionality. The Plus X Award is now the world's most renowned innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. The prerequisite for the award is that the product must be of high quality, functional and have a state-of-the-art design. This way you can be sure that by buying the WENKO Multi-STOP® Bumper, you are acquiring an excellent product that is both innovative and clever, with a seal of quality.

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